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Titan is a fully NHS accredited Pharmacy PMR System which fundamentally changes the way that pharmacies work, creating new efficiencies and delivering a platform that opens up new possibilities for the future of the industry
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Unleash the power of pharmacy

Titan is a PMR that aims to free up 80% of the pharmacist from the dispensary through the use of innovative processes, design and technology
Optimal Workflow
Titan manages your prescription journey through a series of digital stages with barcoding at the heart of the process
Artificial Intelligence
Titan is the only system with ground-breaking AI which uses machine learning to revolutionise the way pharmacies work
Working Anywhere
Titan’s cloud based technology allows you to work and connect to your pharmacy anytime, anywhere, with ease.

Win Patient Loyalty

Manage Handouts
Titan takes away the chaos around the handing out of medicines allowing a seamless experience to your patients.
Manage Communications
Titan has full integration with SMS text services allowing you to send messages when medicines are ready or run campaigns.
Manage Patients
Titan’s comprehensive Patient Management App helps you help your patients with ordering of medicines and reconciliation on arrival.
Manage your pharmacy
Titan's workflow management lets you know exactly where prescriptions are in the pharmacy and what needs to be prioritised

Get a grip on your business

Having your finger on the pulse is crucial to any business and even more so in pharmacy where margins and incomes are being squeezed. Titan has all the tools you need to give you visibility on what’s going on and helping you run a tight ship.
Stock Control & Ordering
Titan’s Stock Control is unlike any other as it helps you manage everything from split packs to bin locations, with an easy and effective workflow
Claim Management
Titan provides real-time visibility on your NHS claims so you know exactly what you are going to get paid so you can maximise on your income potential
Titan dashboards are built into the system and provided across the board to give you a simple and instant overview of your operations and business
With Titan all your data is yours. You can create your own views, filter what you like, save it or export the data to Excel to play around as you wish
TITAN Marketplace

A Marketplace to Expand & Scale

With Titan you have access to the Titan Marketplace to help customise your business. Our growing range of Apps will help you grow your business with new tools, customise your flow and provide seamless integrations with a wealth of 3rd party suppliers.
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A platform you can depend on

Titan is built on AWS cloud environment with scalability in mind. Its sophisticated architecture with rich API framework is specially designed to give you super fast platform with unparalleled performance.
Titan is hosted on AWS which is the most reliable and scalable cloud platform service available that grows with your business.
Titan’s unique architecture is unrivalled in performance and uptime giving you a system you can depend on, 24/7/365.
Titan is built with security in mind, from your data stored in the cloud to individual user access to patient data, we have it covered

Solved by TITAN.

No More chaos
Your dispensary will no longer have baskets full of prescriptions everywhere as we give you a simple workflow to follow
No more scrambling
Titan’s Power Search means you can stop playing ‘find the prescription’ and know exactly where anything is at any time
No more last minute claims
Titan’s intuitive processes help you submit your EPS claims as soon as the package is handed out to the patient
No more paper
We have given you a digital step by step process to follow when dispensing that doesn’t involve paper
No more LASA
For Look a Like, Sound a Like concerns. With Titan’s unique barcode validation process, you can dispense medication safely and with peace of mind.
Titan’s shelf management solution means you can organise packages ready for when the patient comes in and act when they don’t

Don't just take our word for it

Foxhill goes paperless
Foxhill Pharmacy
Sachin is delighted with TITAN
Williams Chemist
Khizer goes paperless
Foxhill Pharmacy
Nrependra tracks prescriptions easily
Borth Pharmacy
Paddy reduces lead times by 100%
Spa Pharmacy

Powered by TITAN

Some of the largest and innovative pharmacies are powered by TITAN Enterprise
Utilising the full power of real time event driven APIs to create a seamless patient experience

Join the future of pharmacy

The future of pharmacy has arrived. TITAN.